Combined Samplers And Temperature Tips

Expendable combined Sampler and Temperature probe to draw a molten metal Sampler

SamTem is a dependable and accurate combined Sampler and Temperature probe to draw a molten metal sampler (available in a wide range of deoxidants and lenghts) simoultaneously to the temperature reading.

SamTem is usable plug and play with the standard thermocouple holder assembly or BSE manipulator.

One immersion provides instant bath temperature and one round separate metallurgical sample for spectrographic analysis. The great innovation of this combined sensor lies in the fact that two separate analysis procedures (temperature reading and sampling) can be effected simultaneously, with only one immersion. This means one stop in production cycle instead of two, which can be easily translated in considerable time saving, and, most important, energy saving. Last but not least, the "two in one" means greater protection of the operator's safety.

Assures sample uniformity and eliminates composition changes during sampling. Eliminates over-killing or under-killing of sample. Protects sample chemistry from changes caused by slag or air contamination Can be used with existing TemPro system: no conversion parts required.


  • A non-treated steel cap protects the sensitive element and sample inlet from slag and floating solid and provides complete protection against rough handling and shipping damage. Yet, it melts away quickly in bath to expose the thermocouple.
  • ITS90 Thermocouple: Platinum, 10% rhodium-platinum (type S), platinum, 13% rhodium-platinum (type R), or platinum, 30% rhodium-platinum , 6% rhodium (type B) . The thermocouple has electrically welded measuring junction, and electrically welded junctions between couple and compensating terminal leads.
  • Thermocouple housing connector
  • Shell-moulding holder
  • Mould chamber
  • Quartz tube to protect the cardboard tube end from steel penetrations.
  • A deoxidant wire or plate is inserted into the quartz tube to kill the effervescent steel during the sample filling.
  • Paper protection tube: Rigid, dry and must be tested by local engineers to assure that the thickness of the walls is enought to protect the lance during the immersion on the basis of the max bath temperature.